Breast-feeding and carrying a loaded weapon – same dif?

An Open Salon entry today takes on the open carry crazies, as a leading advocate was recently killed by – you guessed it – a gun. Writer Steve Klingaman does a thorough job of exposing the hypocrisy and insanity of not only Meleanie Hain’s arguments for carrying a loaded Glock to her daughter’s soccer game but her online supporters who – after she was killed in her own home, shot by her husband – believe her death should only bolster the open carry movement. To the point of having a memorial “shoot-out.”

Note to friends and family – if I’m killed in a car accident, please don’t organize a demolition derby in my honor.

To highlight two of Klingaman’s points that are worth emphasizing repeating:

These fundamentalists equate the right to open carry (not the right to bear arms, protecting your home from intruders – the right to carry a loaded weapon in public and fully displayed) to the right to breastfeed in public.

“There’s people that are offended by T-shirts with scriptures on them, others are offended by piercings or tattoos, and still others get upset over breastfeeding in public. Should any of those people change their harmless habits or behavior against their will because of the discomfort of others? Here, you are exercising the god-given (or inalienable) right of self-defense, as the founding fathers intended to be protected by the Second Amendment.”

via The Message and Murder of a Pistol-Packing Soccer Mom – Steve Klingaman – Open Salon.

Since when is a loaded gun harmless? Alternately, is a loaded boob equally as devastating as a handgun? How. In the world. Can you compare. The two??? Oh, right, you’re nuts.

In other wacky ways this policy is damaging to the health and welfare of American citizens – in many states children as young as 17 would also be able to open carry if this crew got their way. You know, because 17-year-olds are so responsible and don’t suffer from poor impulse control at all.

You have to ask yourself, are you willing to fight to change this? Because if you don’t, the new, “new normal” is going to include people with some pretty ugly political views and dispositions getting right up in your grill with their guns. And their kids, too. There is nothing stopping 17-year olds from open carry in some states.

via The Message and Murder of a Pistol-Packing Soccer Mom – Steve Klingaman – Open Salon.

How is it possible that this fringe group does not comprehend that hunting for food, defending your property and your family is not the same thing as getting to wave your gun in my toddler’s face at Chuck E. Cheese? Where such an act (if you’ve been to my local pizzeria/fun town anyway) would not be out of the realm of possibility. Really? Really?

Hey open carry peeps – why don’t you put all that energy into something useful for your community, instead of something that could kill your friends and neighbors. How about that?

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One Response to Breast-feeding and carrying a loaded weapon – same dif?

  1. unslantedrational says:

    First off, I’m a bit dismayed to see anyone (especially a woman and more-so a mother) concentrating so heavily on what is really just a case of “sad irony” WRT to soccer mom, instead of concentrating on the REAL issue in the salon article: That of domestic abuse, and how unsafe it can be for even the most well-armed woman. The message that you should (IMO) be trying to get out there is “if you are in a bad relationship, or one with someone who tends toward violence, then get out, get a restraining order, and make sure you are protected even in your home if they still have access”.

    Second, this article was clearly written with the voice of either inexperience or intentional alarmism. “wave your gun in my toddler’s face at Chuck E. Cheese” indeed! And when have you ever seen anyone (other than a cop) wave a gun in anyone’s face? And if you did see something like this, especially a kids’ entertainment venue, are you telling me the person got to leave scot-free? Somehow I expect not.

    Legal gun owners (which is to say the 1-in-4 of the US population who have legally acquired one or more guns) absolutely do not “wave their guns around” anywhere, because they greatly desire to continue to have the right to own them. Drawing them in a public setting other than during an emergency is the quickest way to lose them and to spend time in jail.

    Lastly, I find your speech here to be offensive and hateful… You say “crazies”, “nuts”, “fringe group”, etc. That is merely your biased opinion, and not a clinical diagnosis. I would have to agree, though, that anyone who ACTUALLY waves a gun in a kid’s face at Chuck E Cheese would most likely turn out to be clinically crazy, BUT of the many hundreds of gun owners I have known, none of them were as you describe.

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