Swine flu vaccine? I wish

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In spite of my best levelheaded intentions, the swine flu is freaking me out. But unlike the vaccine alarmists, I’m jonesing for my – but mostly, my children’s – shot. In our neighborhood, there is not a needle to be found. And I really, really want that inoculation.

Since our local school closings of last spring, I’ve known my family would get the vaccine. I don’t get the controversy brewing in the online parenting communities about whether or not to get the kids vaccinated. Even though there’s not a lot of merit to the discussion, the swine flu vaccine “debate” has taken on a life of its own not unlike the unfounded thimerosal rumors that just won’t go away. (Go away. Please, just go away.)

I have a tiny one who is most at risk from not just H1N1 but the seasonal flu as well. His sister goes to a pre-school which we all know is a cesspool of viruses – what may manifest as a 24-hour bug for her could knock the little guy out. And I’ve had the real honest to goodness flu two times before, and wow, did it suck. I don’t need that in my life if I can get a vaccine that will prevent it. But now that we’re in the thick of it (90 flu deaths in New York so far and Governor Patterson has declared a state of emergency) I’m wondering if this “scary” vaccine is even going to be available.

Our ped told us early on that they’re at the mercy of the DOH and have no idea when they’re getting it in. And even though the kid’s doc does have the seasonal flu vaccine, my phlegmy wonders have been coughing on and off for the last three weeks so getting them vaccinated while having respiratory problems is not a good idea. It’s hard out there trying to build up the herd immunity.

For all this anti-vax talk, it sure seems a lot of people are lining up to get theirs. A few years ago we visited family for Thanksgiving and they were giving the flu shot in the airport – for free! Now our own doctor can’t take care of us – our GP is even out of the run-of-the-mill seasonal vaccine. One might think in the biggest city in the U.S. a healthy supply would be on hand. One would be wrong.

Seriously, what’s a gal gotta’ do to get a vaccine in this town?

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