Republicans Were Right – Sesame Street is Subversive

Sesame Street was one of the first kids televi...

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Remember when Chris Farley went before Congress to beg the powers-that-be to not cut funding to PBS? You know, because PBS was a shill for a liberal agenda and thus a target for the GOP? Farley thought he was appealing to everyone’s child inside when he begged them to not “kill Big Bird.” Who could argue with a lovable stand-up comedian defending a noble, yet sweet show that teaches children how to read, count and that ladybugs have picnics?

Apparently the conservatives yelling for the blood of Snuffy were on to something. New York magazine has published my favorite article of the week as they give us the history of the Street. Their findings are shocking. Seems Mr. Hooper was corrupting the kids –

In 1983, producers won an Emmy for having the real-life characters explain the death of Mr. Hooper to Big Bird. Mr. Hooper had been played by Will Lee, an old thirties New York radical who’d really died.

via An Outline of the History of ‘Sesame Street’ — New York Magazine.

Do you think Mr. Hooper was using code words? Maybe passing out literature from under the store counter to Baby and Curly Bear? Check out the rest of the article and find out where Sesame Street actually is, what famous musical helped inspire its creation and  – second most shocking fact – that Big Bird is still being played by the same dude who put on the yellow suit on the first day.

Happy Birthday Big Bird!

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