Being charged for being with child

If you were at home today flipping through the cable then you heard all about the general in Iraq who wants to punish women who get pregnant while on duty – making the preggos face a court-martial. General Anthony Cucolo put this directive into place in November, but it has finally reached the light of the 24 hour news channels and thus, those of us starting our holiday vacation early.

I feel like this should upset me more, but so far I’m only feeling slightly irritated yet resigned since I don’t really understand how it all works and know there’s nothing I can do to change the policy. This was not unlike my reaction to the health care bill.

This is kind of how it works; the women under Cucolo’s command will face disciplinary action if they find themselves in a family way, which might sound sexist until you consider that the man who does the knocking up will face the same vague punishment. The four soldiers that have gotten pregnant since he laid down the law and the four dude soldiers involved have been reprimanded in an unspecified manner. Hey, the general is nothing if not proactive. And a tad megalomaniacal.

Cucolo will decide what cases will be pursued.

“I am the only individual who passes judgment on these cases. I decide every case based on the unique facts of each soldier’s situation,” Cucolo wrote in his explanation of the new rules.

Cucolo said he considers his female soldiers “invaluable” and he wants to ensure they fulfill their deployments.

via U.S. soldiers in Iraq could face courts-martial for getting pregnant –

It’s better than sending the little ladies away because you didn’t want them on the playing field in the first place. And Cucolo does seem like he has the potential to be reasonable since the first offenders aren’t serving any time in military prison.

Four pregnancies in the last month and a half does make me wonder if the general feels the need to stop a trend a la “pregnancy pact.” I know conception is not always planned but one would think just the thought of going through the first trimester while in combat in Iraq would  make one super vigilant on the birth control. Unless it truly is a grand scheme to get shipped home. And if that’s the case, someone should really talk to them about the hell of a colicky newborn before they decide to take tips from Bill Murray in Stripes.

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One Response to Being charged for being with child

  1. Megan Cottrell says:

    Here’s another take on it that you might find interesting. Women who get pregnant will be sent home dishonorably, but they are also not allowed access to abortion services because their health care provider is the U.S. government:

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