Single mom goes AWOL due to lack of childcare

So I was kicking back with Kathie Lee & Hoda this morning and catching up on the, ahem, important issues of the day when the duo gave about twenty seconds to the story of Army mom, Alexis Hutchinson who is AWOL following her failure to return to duty in Afghanistan after her own mother was no longer able to care for her 11-month-old son. After missing her plane Hutchinson is under arrest and her baby has been taken by Child Protective Services. Kathie Lee came down on the side of “the rules,” stating, “I’m not all for anarchy because I know human beings too well. Anarchy is a really bad choice.”

Don’t know a lot of single moms who’ve got the time to be anarchists; it seems to me this is a young mother who has zero options. The lack of sympathy from Gifford is typical in the USA where paid maternity leave is rarely an option and paternity leave completely non-existent. Additionally, childcare is an unaffordable (for many, many people) private expense that significantly raises the stress levels in working parents. Of course Kathie Lee had just spent more time defending Pat Robertson than discussing the plight of Hutchinson, so perhaps her reaction shouldn’t be too surprising.

Michael Moore’s site gives a little bit more information on the case –

Rai Sue Sussman is an attorney who helps military men and women in similar situations. She says Hutchinson, with a friend by her side, turned herself in.

“The military police arrested her and wouldn’t let her friend take her child and so they took him away and put him in Child Protective Services,” said Sussman.

Hutchinson now faces a number of charges. Sussman listed them as: “AWOL, missing movement, desertion, failing to have a family care plane and disobeying an officer.”

An Army representative spoke to ABC7 about the case.

“Because her case could present hardship, to not only to her child but her family, the command is working with her and her legal council to resolve this situation,” said Kevin M. Larson with the U.S. Army.

In the meantime she will not be deployed.

“He’s been taken away from his mother. By the time he actually sees his mother, he’ll probably be 2-year-old. Will she even know who she is at that point in time? It’s ridiculous,” said Hughes.

According to the Army spokesperson, right now Hutchinson is not under arrest, but is confined to Hunter Army Airfield until this matter is resolved.

The military gives new moms four months to remain stateside before they are deployed to a war zone. Also, in the army, the divorce rate of female soldiers was three times higher last year than among male soldiers.

via Military mom without childcare goes AWOL |

But one thing that is missing from this story: Where is the father? Obviously he’s not in the young woman’s life but if he’s able, he should be stepping in to care for the child. If he’s also in the military or otherwise indisposed, does he have parents or grandparents who could help? This young mother is taking 100% of the burden and punishment while her child is ripped away from her. How is this acceptable on any level? And Kathie Lee, why don’t you save some of your sympathy for your racist buddy Robertson and share it with this young mother trying to care for her child.

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One Response to Single mom goes AWOL due to lack of childcare

  1. dreamking says:

    The oppressive weight of the stupidity that comes out of people whose job it is to provide endless pre-coffee morning prattle just gets too much to think about.

    Amanda has a college friend who’s been living in her own personal hell ever since she married someone who ended up being a violent psychopath. Two children, a boy and a girl. After years of abuse, she finally threatened to divorce him and have him arrested. The husband kidnapped the kids and took them to Russia (where he’s from). She’s not seen them since. The little girl is suspected to have died due to abuse. The mother moved to Russia, hired bodyguards/bounty hunters, and went through the Russian court system. Her parents sold their house and drained their life savings dry to help her. After years of agony, threats, legal games and setbacks, the court miraculously sided with her and ordered the husband to return the boy. He fled again, taking the boy. The courts can’t or won’t require the police to track him down. We’ve lost touch with her in the past year, so I don’t know how this story ends.

    I’m telling you this because she actually had a chance to get on Good Morning America to tell her story. You would think, a Wellesley graduate, such a horrific story, she’d garner sympathy and succor. It was like watching a bizarro universe version of the same story. Charlie Gibson looked semi-disgusted. She was only on for a few minutes, but the angle in that time seemed to be that a Wellesley grad might be expected to know better than to marry a latent psychopath. Weren’t there signs? Why didn’t you leave at the first sign of trouble? You were confused? Hmm. I see.

    These soulless creatures of commentary are mirrors for the lowest common denominator of their demographic. It’s like listening to Glen Beck talk nonsense about the Fed’s record profits being a threat to the republic. They’re golems. Kathie Lee is no different, except maybe that she’s an aging woman herself and needs to take it up a notch faster than the other commentators hanging their conscience on a coathook as they come in to work.

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