Too young for Facebook?

A seventh-grader at a suburban Syracuse middle school has been suspended for setting up a Facebook page that officials say hosted a barrage of libelous, obscene and inappropriate postings about a teacher.

Roxboro Road Middle School principal Steve Wolf says another 25 students who signed on as fans of the group have been given three days of detention at the school in Mattydale.

via 7th grade student suspended from Roxboro Road Middle School for creating Facebook group against teacher –

I’m trying to find a 1980s equivalent to throw out as an example of how “kids today” are allowed waaaay too many privileges that should be reserved for, I don’t know, high school let’s say.

My mother didn’t let me go to concerts when I was in 7th grade, she didn’t let me dictate what was for dinner, she definitely didn’t let me drink designer coffee and I’m 100% certain she didn’t let me trash talk any of my teachers (especially since she was one of them). Which makes me think this is less of a Facebook problem (although it’s arguably more damaging to post something publicly than rant in the locker room), and more of a parenting problem. Teaching respect in your home should translate across any platform. Shame on you anonymous parent of the foul-mouthed middle schooler!

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2 Responses to Too young for Facebook?

  1. Bob Cook says:

    Back in my day (he said, shaking his cane), the foul, libelous things I said about my teachers in junior high were confined to a ratty spiral notebook or lunch with friends. No evidence just waiting to be discovered.

  2. rufus says:

    I don’t know if I always had respect for my teachers, but I don’t remember any anger for them ever occupying that much of my time or energy. I was too busy trying to get girls to like me.

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