Was Project Runway's kid challenge a good idea?

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 08:  Project Runway judges...

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Last night’s episode of Project Runway was a first in the show’s history (or at least since I’ve been watching) as the designers were forced to create a fab look for little girls ages five to eight. In spite of being the cutest challenge ever, it also freaked me out. I imagined Nina Garcia making a kindergartner cry as she called her romper “pedestrian” and wondered who would let their daughter be subjected to the “I smell something!” face of top American designer, Michael Kors. But since, as Heidi pointed out, “children are becoming little fashionistas,” the designers were forced to miniaturize their look and (sorry, I have to!) make it work.

Best/Worst moments:

  • Deservedly in the bottom three, designer Jonathan found this challenge extremely distasteful declaring he was, “…scared of children.” They’re more scared of your yellow, fluffy dress than you are of them, Jonathan.
  • Jeanene, the perpetually crying designer, actually got to me when she described her inspiration as her sister’s favorite dress which she always coveted. Having grown up in boy hand-me-downs I’m intimately aware of childhood envy for other’s threads. Alas, Jeanene did not create a covet-worthy design and it was her last sobbing gasp on the runway as her red and black dress/leggings combo was called a “cheap mall outfit.” Thank goodness Heidi added to the mini-model, “But that has nothing to do with you!”
  • Amy got a bad rap. Sure her grown-up model’s pants were a little clown-like, but her kid model’s outfit was totally something I’d send my daughter to pre-school in (and I’m pretty sure Zutano has used the much maligned color combination she was railed for daring to try). Even her tiny model stood up for Amy declaring, “I would trust her fashion sense.”
  • Seth as the winner??? The aging hipster definitely rubs me the wrong way, but I still thought Jay’s kid and grown-up design was unbeatable. Furthermore, I really couldn’t understand the raving from the judges as his houndstooth hoodie with pink accents was labeled “so original” as they cooed “any girl would want to wear that.” Come on, I know I left that outfit behind on a Daffy’s clearance rack.

But all in all, a very entertaining episode. Especially fun watching the model’s faces as they were described as “the mom” of the pair.

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1 Response to Was Project Runway's kid challenge a good idea?

  1. My favorite part was watching Heidi Bot pretend to interact with kids on the runway. If they ever do this challenge again the producers need to find some maternity software or something.

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