Is the Hitler baby really art?

Danish-Norwegian artist Nina Maria Kleivan has chosen a graphic way of exploring the subject of evil. Kleivan, who herself was raised by a Norwegian father who had spent time in a German prison camp, dressed her baby daughter Faustina up as some of the most evil figures in the twentieth century and photographed her for an art project.

via Artist photographs baby daughter as Hitler – Judy Mandelbaum – Open Salon.

And I felt a little bad dressing up my son as a leprechaun because today is his birthday.

I’m not sold on her disclaimer that everyone has evil in them, even little children. I think what struck me, in an artistic sense, was the juxtaposition of innocent baby as evil dictator. Which made me think, which means . . . it’s art?

Check out the photos at Nina Kleivan’s website and tell me what you think.

Powerful statement? Or despicable?

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