Slutty, single mom blog

I’ve just discovered my new favorite mom blog, Ho Mama! There’s only one post, but it’s a doozy and a poignant, hilarious reminder that there are a lot of different moms out there and most of them aren’t arguing over plastic vs. wooden ride-on toys.

Never fear, though. Slutty, single, low-income moms are nothing if not resourceful. I brought my premature baby (all five pounds of her) home from the hospital to an SRO hotel in the Tenderloin.

My daughter didn’t come home to a crib or a nursery. But you know what? She didn’t seem to notice. Perhaps cribs and nurseries are more for parents than for babies. Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, I did manage to find some cardboard cut-outs of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet to tape to the walls. But my daughter was much more fascinated by my face and voice than by any baby toys or cutesy decorations.

Feeding her was cheap and easy. My breasts pumped out a steady supply of milk. Feeding myself was a bit trickier. It’s quite a hike from the Tenderloin to Whole Foods, especially with a baby strapped to your chest. But we managed.

via Ho Mama! A Blog for Slutty, Single, Low-income Moms – big fat trauma queen – Open Salon.

This is just a smidgen of the Ho Mama! wisdom. Other highlights include: being kicked out of her apartment while pregnant, multiple marriages not in conjunction with the getting knocked up and homelessness! Good times.

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3 Responses to Slutty, single mom blog

  1. Caitlin Kelly says:

    Low income and Whole Foods generally don’t go together. Sure she’s real?

    • April Peveteaux says:

      Well, she is in San Francisco.

      Actually, there was just an article in the New York Post (I know, but still) about how Whole Foods was less expensive than Food Emporium, Gristede’s and Fresh Direct.

      It makes sense to me as she’s also an anti-consumerist, breastfeeding, liberal (?) and living in the Tenderloin.

      • Karen Dukess says:

        I don’t know — based on nothing at all, I had the same reaction as Caitlin that this blog just didn’t ring true. More like someone looking for a book deal and later to be exposed as a fraud? Just a guess….

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