Mother'ish Brooklyn Heads West

After a very lovely run here at True/Slant, it’s time for me to exit. The family is moving to Los Angeles (yes, even after I made fun of it) and I’m starting a new exciting job that promises to take every brain cell left after moving a family of four across the country.

While I’ll still be following the rest of the True/Slant’ers and interviewing them about this and that; this is my last post.

I hope you all have enjoyed the vaccination fights, the work/life, mom/dad balance rants, the sex talks and the completely random thoughts as much as I have.

True/Slant has an amazing community of writers and I could spend all day here. Alas, I’ve got to go figure out how many books and toys to pack vs. how many to hoard and pull out when the mid-flight meltdown happens. And it will happen.

Happy trails everyone! Thanks so much for reading.

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