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The politics of baby carriers

You know you’ve been writing about parenting for a long time when you pick up the New York Times and ask, “Is this actually news?” Hardly new, wraps and other types of baby carriers are traditional in many parts of … Continue reading

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Was Project Runway's kid challenge a good idea?

SPOILER ALERT Last night’s episode of Project Runway was a first in the show’s history (or at least since I’ve been watching) as the designers were forced to create a fab look for little girls ages five to eight. In … Continue reading

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The drag of the weekend Skype

Every Sunday afternoon my family of four logs on to Skype and my mother-in-law in California magically appears on my laptop. When we started this space age ritual it seemed to be a perfect way to let Grandma see how … Continue reading

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East Coast vs. West Coast: Parenting Edition

You didn’t know about the great East/West parenting style rivalry? Our family of four landed in Los Angeles earlier this week and I’ve been conducting some in-depth research so you don’t have to! The issues:

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Halloween Costumes, Stereotypes & The Kids

I, like a zillion other moms, have a three-year-old who wants to be a Princess (yes, with a capital “P”) for Halloween this year. And I’m sure I’m not alone in being somewhat irritated by her unwavering obsession with dressing … Continue reading

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