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Vaccine Rhetoric vs. Reality: Pediatrician Q & A

Recent admonishments from Britain’s General Medical Board and the Lancet aside, there is still a vocal sect that believes autism is caused by the MMR vaccine. It’s not only Jenny McCarthy – if you tune in to any parenting website … Continue reading

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The girl behind Utah's bill criminalizing miscarriage

John Knefel brought this insane legislative item to our attention last week and yesterday’s New York Times gives us some background into the decision behind Utah’s bill that would send a woman to prison if someone (who, I’m wondering?) suspects … Continue reading

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What I want to teach my kids about sex

I don’t know if anyone relishes having “the talk” with their kids, but Kate Harding’s spot-on rejection of the notion that casual sex is bad for women has inspired me to start making my list of discussion topics.  Harding deftly … Continue reading

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Was Project Runway's kid challenge a good idea?

SPOILER ALERT Last night’s episode of Project Runway was a first in the show’s history (or at least since I’ve been watching) as the designers were forced to create a fab look for little girls ages five to eight. In … Continue reading

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Please don't take away my 'me-time'

I’m not sure I’m following all of the arguments in this take down of “me-time” in the Times Online. The author blames too many parenting experts for undermining parental authority and creating a division between parent and child that is … Continue reading

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Will President Obama change modern fatherhood?

This story is total mom porn for the modern, liberal woman:

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Love, marriage & pre-school

While the Valentine’s Day party at my daughter’s school was a huge success (candy! pink play-doh!) my four-year-old has far surpassed the thrill of a holiday for the newly in love. She’s going straight for the prize, the big one, … Continue reading

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