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Please don't take away my 'me-time'

I’m not sure I’m following all of the arguments in this take down of “me-time” in the Times Online. The author blames too many parenting experts for undermining parental authority and creating a division between parent and child that is … Continue reading

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Why so down on mom?

Perhaps a post-holiday weekend is not the best time to defend the motherhood. For those of you who had tense moments over the turkey, mom may be on your sh*t list right now. But as someone who has contributed to … Continue reading

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You Know You're All Grown Up When…

I’m having Thanksgiving at my house this year. Not a boozy, let’s experiment with turducken and meat pies free-for-all but an actual sit down, family coming over Thanksgiving. This is my first one but it will not be my last … Continue reading

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Kids on Broadway – If They Can Make it There…

It’s easy to malign the child actor. “Toddlers and Tiaras” and the never ending tragedies of former sitcom children offer constant and vivid reminders of the perils of minors entering an adult business.  That’s why reading about the young Broadway … Continue reading

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Great. Now we're giving the kids brain damage.

You can find a study to justify any aspect of parenting (breastfeeding makes kids smarter, no it doesn’t, maybe it does!?) but sometimes you read something, and even though it goes against your parental instinct you simply can’t ignore. Like … Continue reading

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Maternity leave for the childfree?

Egads. I read something on the Strollerderby and I want to hit someone. Someone other than the Balloon Boy Dad: “A survey of 2,000 women in the United Kingdom found that women who aren’t mothers want maternity leave, too. In … Continue reading

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Is pre-K too young to learn about serial killers?

There was recently a hubbub among the parents of graduates of a Park Slope pre-school. As the little pitsels started Kindergarten it seemed a few of them were choosing to instead hide under the covers in fear. You see, a … Continue reading

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